How to schedule shutdown in Windows 10? [Effective and easy ways]

Are you afraid of falling asleep while installing a pretty heavy software but have not yet shut down your computer, or worried your computer will run out of battery if you’re absent. Here are our suggestions on how to schedule shutdown in Windows 10 helping you overcome worries affecting your computer

This guide applies to Windows 10, 8 and 7

Why should you need to schedule a shutdown for your computer?

You need to download a file but it takes pretty too long to do, but you are not able to wait to shut the computer down after finish downloading it, then, scheduling will come in handy

In addition, timing off your computer will limit other people from intruding and accessing to your confidential informations

2 ways to time off your computer

Method 1: Use the Run box

Step 1: Hold Windows + R to open the Run box. After that, enter “shutdown -s -t 3600” (3600 is  the shutdown timer in seconds, you can change 3600 value into a more suitable time)

Some commands are already set up in time, you can use as below:

  • 5 minutes: shutdown -s -t 300
  • 10 minutes: shutdown -s -t 600
  • 15 minutes: shutdown -s -t 900
  • 30 minutes: shutdown -s -t 1800
  • 1 hour: shutdown -s -t 3600
  • 2 hours: shutdown -s -t 7200
  • 3 hours: shutdown -s -t 10800
  • 4 hours: shutdown -s -t 14400

Step 2: If you want to cancel shutdown command, also open the Run box and enter “shutdown -a” 

Method 2: Create A Shortcut file for a multiple use

  • Step 1: Right-click to the screen, press desktop > Chọn New > Select Shortcut

  • Step 2: At the box Type the location of the item, enter “shutdown -s -t 10″ where 10 is the number of seconds. You can change this number of seconds as you want, this is just for the initial step you fill in. Click Next to continue

  • Step 3: Enter a name for the created shortcut and select Finish

  • Step 4: To change the shutdown timer, right-click the shortcut you just created and select Properties. Then change “10” value (the number of seconds that you set up at step 2) in Target, then click OK to confirm