How to turn off automatic updates Windows 10? 6 Easy Ways

Not only do Windows updates cause incompatibility errors (for Trial versions)  but they take a long time to do updates while shutting down. In this post, we will guide you on how to turn them off.

1. Disable in Services

To turn off Windows 10 updates, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Search box, enter “service”>Select Services in the results

Step 2: Navigate to Windows Update

Step 3: Right click at Windows Update> Select Properties

Step 4: Select Stop

Step 5: At Startup type > Select Disable

Step 6: Select Apply and you’re done

Note: This method turns off updates permanently even if you restart your computer. In case you want to turn it on, reverse this instruction.

2. Disable in Group Policy Editor

Step 1: To open Group Policy Editor, press the combination of Windows + R> Run>Enter “gpedit.msc”b>Enter

Step 2: Select Computer Configuration  >> Administrative Templates  >> Windows Components >> Windows Update

Step 3: Double click on Configure Automatic Update

Step 4: Select Disabled> OK

3. Block updates following Microsoft guidance

Step 1: Enter regedit in the Search box on the Taskbar>Enter 

Step 2: Copy and Paste this link into the address bar


Double click on NoAutoUpdate

Step 3: In Value data>Select 1>Select OK

Once done, in the Data column, NoAutoUpdate will now be 0x00000001(1)

If you want Windows 10 to update again automatically, change the Value data value from 1 to 0 

4. Use Administrative Tools

Step 1: Enter “Update” in the Search box>Select Windows Update settings or Advanced Windows Update options

Step 2:  Select the Notify to schedule restart mode> uncheck 2 boxes below:

In addition, Windows 10 also has a new feature which is a system that allows synchronous updates for peers computers (P2P – 1 computer as a server and the rest will update via that server)

You will save bandwidth, and time in comparison to downloading directly from the Internet.

To turn off this update method, click this link Choose how updates are delivered, switch On mode to Off 

5. Connect Wìfi using Metered Connection mode

Delaying updates can also be done as below:

Step 1: Open Start Menu >> Settings

Step 2: In Settings>Select Network & Internet

Step 3: Select Wifi>Manage known networks

Step4: Click Wifi name>Properties

Step 5: Scroll down to find the title Metered Connections>Turn on Set as metered connection

This is just a temporary method to pause Windows 10 updates in case you run out of monthly traffic


6. Use software to turn off updates – Show or hide updates

If Windows 10 updates are too time consuming, install this software:

Step 1: Download and install Show or hide updates

Step 2: Start the software>Next

Step 3: This tool will start to search for Windows 10 updates, updates applications and drivers

Step 4: Select Hide updates to block one or more Windows updates, applications or drivers

Step 5: Select the update you want to block> Next

Step 6: Once done, select Done