How to split screen in Windows 10

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to switch back and forth between tabs when you want to see more than a window at a time. It will be easier when you know how to split the screen into different windows

Screen splitting is already available since Windows 7 allowing you to adjust a window to a half by using Windows + left arrow (or right arrow). At that time,  the screen is splitted in half instead of switching back and forth between windows

Enable split screen mode in Windows 10

First of all, you have to determine the split screen mode, also known as Multitasking, is enabled

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Select System

Step 3: Select Multitasking 

You will see 4 settings related to Snap, turn on or off according to your needs

You can now assure that the split screen feature is working. Do these steps below to split the screen

Use mouse

This is the easiest way to split the screen, just have to drag the window you want to collapse to the left or right edge of the screen until Windows 10 shows a half-screen border

Release the mouse, then the screen will show windows and then selecting a different window, click the window you want to fill the rest haft of the screen

Use Taskbar

With this method, your computer will automatically split the screen according to the number of apps displaying on the screen. To use this feature, right-click Taskbar and select Show windows side by side. The computer will automatically split the screen for you, how convenient is that!

To make the screen go back to normal, right-click Taskbar again and select Undo Show all windows side by side

Use shortcuts

Besides the mouse, you can shortcuts on the keyboard to split the screen. If you want to split any screen, click that screen then press Windows + right arrow key (or left) to make the windows fill the other half of the screen

Split more than 2 windows

Corner Snap is a great feature for high resolution and large screen size computers. You can drag and drop windows to the corners on the screen

The process is simple, instead of using the mouse to drag a window to the right or left edge of the screen, drag windows to the corners. The computer also will self adjust 4 windows at 4 corners of the screen

It should be suitable if you’re using a monitor supporting a 2K or 4K resolution and you can work with many windows at once