How to screenshot on Mac OS computers? 3 easy ways

It’s quite easy to screenshot on Mac and Macbook computers but not a lot new users know how to do it. We will show you 3 easiest and fastest ways to screenshot on MacOS computers

How to take a screenshot on a Macbook Pro and Macbook Air with keys

Press Command + Shift + 4, a + symbol will appear in place of the cursor, just need to scan this symbol and you will be able to take a screenshot in the area that you scanned. The image will be displayed in Desktop (main screen)

Screenshot key combination on MacOS

The captured screenshot

Other ways to take a screenshot 

Press Command + Shift + 3 then release to immediately capture the entire screen without having to select an area beforehand

Whole screen screenshot key combination on MacOS

Press Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar (long bar), the cursor symbol will be turned into a Camera and when moved to an element such as a web browser window, home screen or in a application, the window will pop up in green and you can click on that window to take a photo of that window only