How to reinstall Windows 10 on laptop and PC with 8 easy steps

Resetting the computer will help your device “clean” and work properly as when you first bought it. So how to reinstall Windows 10? Let’s find out

When to reset Windows 10

There’s a lot of reasons that make you to reinstall Windows such as:

  • Your laptop contains softwares or features errors
  • The computer is slow due to too much applications installations
  • Viruses are took over your devices or malicious code damages files
  • Not uninstalling unnecessary softwares completely
  • Install adware by mistake (a junkware hackers attach when an app is installed) and ads will keep appear everytime you open a browser
  • Your computer has too much unused softwares

Benefits of reinstall Windows 10

  • This is the fastest and easiest way, even if you’re an amateur
  • No need to use supported tools such as USB Boot or CD
  • Hardly has any error in the process of recovery

Reset Windows 10 without USB Boot or CD 

  • Step 1: Go to Menu start> Setting (or use Windows + I).Update & Security
  • Step 2: Select Get started in  Reset this PC in the Recovery section

  • Step 3: Here’s 2 options for you:
  • Keep my files: Remove apps and settings, but keeps your personal files( these files are in the link C:\Users\ Usersname
  • Remove everything: Remove all of your personal files, apps and settings. It cleans Windows installation partition and clean up the hard drive (only select this if you want your device goes back to its original state)

Case 1: Select Keep my files

  • Step 4: Select Reset for the reset process begins

Note: When you select Reset, your computer will restart and you can’t go back

The computer starts to reset

After restarting, it will access to the operation automatically

Case 2: Select Remove everything

  • Step 4: At this display, select Only the drive where Windows is installed. Once selected, the process will be removed completely but only in the hard drive partition containing Windows 10 operation. You must not select All drives, it will remove other drives entirely and it’s very hard to restore

  • Step 5: 
  • Just remove my files: The advantage of this one is it is fast, after the reset, you can use the restoration software to restore datas. However, the downside is poor security
  • Remove files and clean the drive: it has the advantage of cleaning your device like a brand new store bought  after resetting it. But it takes several hours to proceed

Select Reset to start

After that, Windows will proceed to reset

During Windows reset, it can reboot several times

  • Step 6: Establish some basic items
    • What’s your home country / region ?: You enter the country / region.
    • What’s your preferred app language ?: You choose the language you want.
    • What keyboard layout would you like to use ?: The type of keyboard you want to use.
    • What time zone are you in ?: Time zone, time.

Then select Next

Step 7: You select Accept to accept the terms.

Step 8: Select Use Express Setting

From here you create an account for the computer

  • Who’s going to use this PC ?: Enter a name
  • Make it secure: Be secure
  • Enter password: Enter the password
  • Re-enter password: Re-enter password
  • Password hint: Enter a hint related to the password