How to connect a laptop to a TV with HDMI

Nowadays, there’s a lot of ways to share multimedia content and sharing using HDMI is the simplest and most convenient way but not many people know how. This guide will share to you the basic definition about HDMI, how it connects laptop to TV alongside most common questions around it

What is HDMI?

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is one of the highest quality standard connecters among source devices (laptop, mobile phones, ect.) and transmitters (TV, projectors, ect.). Thanks to HDMI, not only the image content but also the audio content is transferred quickly

So stay tuned for these very easy steps on how to do it

Using HDMI

Before connecting, make sure your laptop and TV support HDMI. Along with source devices and transmitters, a HDMI cable is also important for this. HDMI cable can be purchased at electronics stores or specialized technology center

Step 1: Connect one end of the cable to a HDMI port on your laptop

Step 2: Connect the other end to your TV

Step 3: On your TV, use the remote control to select the TV input which is HDMI 2 (corresponding to the HDMI port you have plugged in the TV)

Step 4: Press Windows + P on the laptop

Step 5: Select Duplicate 

Step 6: Once finish connecting, you can easily project all content from your laptop to the screen of the TV for everyone to see

Common questions about HDMI (Q&A)

Q: Where can I buy HDMI cables? How much?

A: HDMI cable can be bought at electronics stores or electronics centers. The price depends on the length of the cable, varies from

Q: Can an unsupported HDMI laptop be able to project with HDMI?

A: Yes! But you have to prepare an adapter to convert from USB to HDMI

Q: Can a TV be played back on my laptop?

A: No! TV is a receiving device, not a source device, so it cannot export data to a laptop

Q: What should I do when connecting using HDMI images on the TV be shrink or over filled?

A: Use the remote control to adjust the aspect ratio of the image on the TV to 16: 9 standard

Q:  When connecting HDMI, do I need an audio cable?

A: No need to! Because the HDMI signal includes both image and audio

Q: What should I do if images on my laptop are not projected on the TV despite being connected?

A: Press Windows + P on your laptop, then select Duplicate and click Enter to connect

Q: Which type of TV has HDMI?

A: All new generation flat screen TVs are equipped with HDMI ports, you can check by looking at the rear ports of the TV

Q: Can HDMI be connected between a computer and a TV?

A: It can if both support HDMI