How to change password on Windows 10 

If you want to refresh your computer by changing a new password, we’ll show you the fastest way to do it

Step 1: Go to Windows, then select Settings

Step 2: In Settings, select Accounts (Accounts is where your sign in account is managed)

Step 3: At the left list, select Sign-in options to go to the password settings section. Scroll down, at Password, select Change

Step 4: Re-enter your current password then click Next

Step 5: After that, the system will take you to Create a password. Here you enter:

  • A new password in New password
  • Confirm your password in Reenter password
  • Enter password hint in Password hint (if you accidentally forgot your password, this hint would help you)

After filling 3 boxes above, click Next to continue

Step 6: When Next time you sign in, use your new password appears, it means you’ve changed your password successfully. Select Finish