How to convert a Word document to a PDF? 4 easy ways

Word documents are commonly to have text jumping when needed to print or send emails, so converting a Word document to a PDF is necessary. This guide will show you how

Use Save as

Step 1: Open a Word file you need to convert, then click File or the Office icon at the top left corner of the screen. In Save as, you should see a list of files you can save, continue to select PDF 

Step 2: When a new window appears, name that PDF file. At the Save as type box, select PDF and click Save to start converting

Use Print

Step 1: First open the convert needed Word file, then click File or the Office icon at the top left corner of the screen, click Print or press Ctrl + P when opening the file

Step 2: When the Print dialog appears, at Printer select Microsoft Print to PDF, then click Print or OK to export PDF file

Step 3: Save Print Output As appears, enter a name and choose where to save the file. Finally, click Save to finish the process

Use a software

DoPDF software

This is considered a virtual PDF printer, after finish installing, open any document then select Print and printed by doPDF


Free of charge

Support more than 20 languages

Small capacity and less space consuming

Cons: Support Windows only

How to use doPDF:

Step 1: Launch the software then open the Word file needs to be converted, select Print at the File tab

Step 2: In the new dialog, select doPDF v7 in the Name box and select OK

Step 3: Next, choose where you want to save the file, enter a name in File name and select OK to convert

Advanced Word to Pdf Converter software

This software allows you to create PDF files from files with different formats (doc, docx, txt, ect.) while keeping the original files their formats


Free of charge

Convert many files at a time

Cons: Support Windows 2000 and higher

How to use Advanced Word to Pdf Converter:

After finish installing, launch the software and do these steps:

  • Click Add file to open the Word file you need to convert
  • Click the ellipses in Save Folder to choose the location to save the PDF file. After that, click Convert to convert the file

Online converters

Step 1: Go to the website, select the converting function you need. Here we will do an example with Word to PDF Online, then select Upload a File to Convert to open the file needed to convert


Step 2: Once finish converting, you can preview PDF file in View PDF File or click Download to download the file to your computer


Online Convert

Step 1: Go to, then click Choose Files to open the file you need to convert


Step 2: There will be Optional settings section including:

Use OCR: If the file is in mathematical or physics formulas, select Optional character recognition

Source language: Select the language you want to convert to

Deskew: If the file has images, select Auto align scanned images to align images


Once done, select Start Convert then download the file