Clash of Clans MOD APK v15.0.1 (Unlimited Gold, Gems, Oils mode)

Download Clash of Clans MOD APK v15.0.1 free for android Unlimited Gold, Gems, Oils mode. Let's join the international conflict, customize your hometown, gather an army, and annihilate your rivals by using friendship to intimidate your foe.


Name Clash of Clans
Updated October 17, 2022
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 15.0.1
Size 297
MOD Unlimited Gold, Gems, Oils
Category APK Mod
Price Free


Clash of Clans Mod Apk is a free-to-play mobile strategy video game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell in 2012. The game was released on the iOS platform on August 2, 2012, and on Google Play on October 7, 2013.

The game takes place in a fantasy world where the player is the village chief. Clash of Clans challenges players to build their own villages using resources obtained by troops attacking other players’ villages. Earn rewards, buy them with medals or produce them in your own village. The main resources are gold, elixir and dark elixir. Players can join forces to form clans of up to 50 people, who can then join clan wars, donate and receive troops, and chat with each other.

Gameplay of Clash of Clans APK

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game where players form communities called clans, train troops and attack other players for resources. There are four currencies or resources in the game. Gold and Elixir can be used to build and upgrade defenses and traps, protect the player’s village from other players, and build and upgrade buildings. Elixir of Elixir and Dark Elixir are also used to boost troops and spells. They were also used to train troops in the past, but now the training is free. Gems are premium currency. Attacks are rated three-star and have a maximum duration of three minutes.

The game also features a pseudo-single-player campaign where players can attack a series of fortified goblin villages and earn gold, elixir (and higher-level dark elixir).

Upgrading requires a free builder. The game starts with two Builders, but players can buy up to five Builders with gems, and even get a sixth Builder by acquiring and unlocking the OTTO Hut in Builder Base 9.


In order to earn and store gold coins and elixir, players must build gold mines and vaults or elixir collectors and elixir stores. Elixir is used to train new troops, do research in labs to upgrade troops, and build and upgrade certain buildings, mainly those used to attack other player bases. Gold is used to build defensive buildings and upgrade town halls, allowing access to more buildings and higher levels of existing buildings. Dark Elixir is available at Town Hall 7; this Elixir is used to train and upgrade Dark Elixir troops, Barbarian Kings and other heroes, and to create 8 Dark Spells from Town Hall. In order to obtain and store the Dark Elixir, the player must construct the Dark Elixir Drill and the Dark Elixir Storage Room. At Town Hall 9, the Archer Queen is available.

The Eagle Cannon is the first defensive building to appear in City Hall 11. Town Hall 11 also offers a new hero – the Great Warden, who, unlike other heroes, requires an elixir to spawn and level up. City Hall 12 will install a defense system called Giga Tesla, and when City Hall 13 is upgraded, Giga Inferno will replace Giga Tesla. Town Hall 13 also unlocks the Scattershot Building and the Heroic Royal Championship. [13] Town Hall 14 unlocks the Pet Huts, a building that assigns pets to heroes, and the ability to upgrade Builder Huts to level 4 and turn them into assault structures.

Players can use a variety of buildings to defend their village, including cannons, mortars, bombs, Teslas, traps, archer towers, wizard towers, hell towers, eagle cannons, and shotguns. Players can also build city walls, which can be further expanded as the player’s town hall level increases.

Troops and Spells

The game has two kinds of barracks (barracks and dark barracks) and two kinds of magic factories (magic factory and dark magic factory). Originally, the barracks were used to train the elixir troops, while the dark barracks were used to train the dark elixir troops. However, the July 2022 update makes training free for all troops, with the main limitation being the space in the barracks. [16] Both sets of barracks can be upgraded to higher levels to unlock more troops (15 troops in total in barracks and 8 troops in dark barracks, each with unique strengths, weaknesses and strategies).

Spell Factory follows the same pattern – normal Spell Factory creates spells out of Elixir, while Dark Spell Factory creates spells out of Dark Elixir. All units and spells have different attributes. Additionally, the spells produced by the Dark Spell Factory take up less space, allowing more of these spells to be used in combat. As the player progresses, some new units and spells can be unlocked.

At City Hall 12, workshops can be built to create six different types of siege engines. Introduced in March 2020, Super Troops are more powerful units with special abilities than the original units.

Town Hall 14 unlocks the Pet House, where heroes are assigned one of four pets, each with a different role in assisting the hero.

The new Town Hall 15 introduces new recall spells, 4 hero pets, Electro Titan squads and Siege Engine combat maneuvers. The recall spell removes units from attacks and allows you to move troops to different locations, available in Town Hall 13. The new siege engine burrows into the ground and targets the defense, stunning it for 2 seconds. The Electro Titan has an electric aura that can slowly damage anything within range, and it can target both ground and air units. The four new pets are Frost, which slows down enemies, Diggy, which burrows underground and stuns defenses, Viper, which poisons nearby troops or defenses, and finally Phoenix, which revives when a hero is knocked down And grants the hero a temporary shield of invulnerability.

Clan and Clan Wars

A tribe is a group of players united to support each other, either materially (donating troops) or verbally (giving advice). Players can join clans after rebuilding special clan castle buildings early on. An important part of the Clash of Clans game is clans competing against each other in “Clash of Clans”. Clan leaders and co-leaders can wage war against other clans. Then each clan has a “preparation day” and a “war day”. When players attack members of the opposing clan, they gain stars based on the amount of damage done to the opposing base, 1 star for 50% or more damage, 1 star for destroying the town hall, and the third remaining for destroying the entire base star. Each player can only make two attacks per war, and the team with the most stars at the end of the war will be declared the winner. If two clans have the same number of stars, the winner will be the clan with the higher destruction percentage. Players get additional loot when they use attacks in war. This loot can vary from base to base and is determined by Supercell; the top base has the most war reward loot, and the last base has the least bonus loot. If the clan wins the war, the full reward loot will be delivered to the player, but if it loses or a draw, a third of the loot will be delivered to the player. In the March 2016 update, 35v35 and 45v45 were removed. Available war sizes are 50v50, 40v40, 30v30, 25v25, 20v20, 15v15, 10v10 and 5v5. In the May 2016 update, friend challenges were introduced to allow clan members to compete against other clan members. However, these challenges will not award any loot or trophies, nor will they affect the player’s army. The Clan War Alliance was introduced in the October 2018 Update. The clan battle seven other clans to advance to the next league and earn league medals by earning stars in the Clan Wars league. The clan with the most stars in the group will be promoted to the upper level, and the clan in the group with the fewest stars will be demoted to the lower level.

Builder Base

After the May 22, 2017 update, Supercell released the game’s new game mode “Builder’s Base”. It allows the player to sail to a new island and create a new village with different buildings.

In the Builder Base game mode, players can attack each other’s bases at the same time. Players who deal the most damage or get more stars can earn rewards like gold, elixir, and trophies. However, players can only get gold coins and pills within 24 hours for the first three victories, after which they can continue to attack trophies.

Players can spend gems to speed up the game time. This base will progress even faster with the introduction of the Clock Tower (temporarily speeding up the progress of the entire Builder Base) and Gem Mine. This update also introduces a new hero, the Battle Machine. It’s the only hero in the game with a reusable ability called the Hammer. Builder Hall level 8 was released in March 2018, and the June 2019 update brings Builder Hall 9, the highest level of Builder Hall currently available. This update also brings O.T.T.O Hut, a secondary builder that can only be unlocked by completing a series of in-game challenges. Once unlocked, the builder can move between the builder base and home.

Clan Games and Magic Items

In December 2017, Supercell launched the clan game, in which clan members can cooperate to complete tasks and then earn clan points. When enough points are accumulated, a new bonus tier will be unlocked, and players can choose a bonus from each unlocked tier. This update also introduces magic items, which can be obtained as rewards for clan matches and events. For example, these items can be used to acquire resources, complete upgrades, or temporarily increase the level of troops or heroes.

Clan capital

The Clan Capital is the central hub where the entire Clan contributes to the construction and expansion of the vast base. Each member of the clan can contribute to the construction of new areas to strengthen its defenses and upgrade its troops. One clan will try to conquer the capital of other clans during the raid weekend. Capital Gold can be earned during raids to level up and upgrade the capital, as well as raid medals, which you can use to buy items for your village. You can buy reinforcements without waiting for donations from other clan members.


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